Where the beach meets the mountain


Now if your checklist for a trip includes mountains, beach, camping, scenic views, wombats, kangaroos, beautiful parrots, trekking, the ultimate walks of nature and wildlife all in one than Mt Williams National park is the place that you want to venture if you happen to be doing walkabouts in the east of Tasmania. There are three campsites in this national park – the best and most secluded campsite is top camp – where you can walk to the beach in a few steps or hops and right on the other side be surrounded by the wilderness of and fellow furry friends such as the kangaroos. However, the kangaroos in the other campsites are used to tourists and will come and ask for food – so if you want to shake hands with these friendly creatures then your best luck are the ones closer to the entrance. This park offers a beautiful 2 km drive to see the kangaroos in their most natural habitat…where you will see two types of kangaroos – the wallaby and forester. Wombats are also in the scene however tread lightly nearby – wombats frighten easily and if threaten will charge you. Fellow birdwatchers should bring your binoculars…beautiful parrots surround and fly within the trees of this park. Weather you camp light or bring in the heavy weights of gear – you will enjoy this as a trip for two or in a big group. Fire pits are available for easy cooking or just keeping your toes warm and you drink your beer and talk about the days view and treks. Mt Williams also offer a beautiful trek about half a kilometer long …from a tunnel of trees to misty rocky climb …the trek is easy …however wear your boots and long sleeve shirts along for the ride ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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