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From concrete jungle to moving mountains - Masthope The Mountain Community

The crisp air oasis is  a few hours drive away from the city  in Masthope , PA. Beware : Wifi / 24 Delis / Cell phone service do not exist here. Come prepared . Enjoy : Breathtaking Views / Good Food / Privacy / Escape from the city monsters that lurk in the midst. This is perfect for a long weekend / especially with a group of people  (make sure […]

skyfall(ish) in california

Ok, to be true, not even close.  Skyfall (in the bond movie) is in scotland.  This B&B is called the Spanish Villa Inn…and it’s not even in europe.  It’s in st.helena, CA – in the nappa valley area.  And hell, the architecture is not even the same. Nonetheless, st.helena is a rather nice little town with a main street that i found to be full of small quality shops.  Here are a few: – Tra […]