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Where the beach meets the mountain

Now if your checklist for a trip includes mountains, beach, camping, scenic views, wombats, kangaroos, beautiful parrots, trekking, the ultimate walks of nature and wildlife all in one than Mt Williams National park is the place that you want to venture if you happen to be doing walkabouts in the east of Tasmania. There are three campsites in this national park – the best and most secluded campsite is top […]

Nepal, trekking in the Himalayas; Langtang

Depending on the time you have there are many excellent treks to choose from in Nepal. All from 3 days till one month if you like. Starting point from Pokhara od Kathmandu. For years Langtang was a popular trek , but lately more people are intersted in Mount Everest bascamp or top. Langtang offers you changing of landskape. Small villages, and breathtaking views of the snowcapt Himalayan mountains. Everyday you […]