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Getting a russian federation visa in nyc

i’m always amazed at how many people lose their shit in the visa office. While the main job of any visa consulate is to give you a bright shiny new sticker or stamp for your passport, i’m pretty sure the real reason is to subject you to a cultural crash test. you pass the test, you get to go somewhere new. if you don’t, you end up looking like an […]


A window view from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar by train

One of the longest train rides around, and made famous by paul theroux in The Great Railway Bazaar. If you’re looking for a chance to drop off the grid, get to know a few like minded travelers and do a lot of napping/reading, this train is it.

Comrade hostel, Moscow

The place was being renovated at the time of writing, but the vibe was good and it’s centrally located by red square with lots of places to get food and drink. And a couple of great grocery stores nearby if you’re planning on loading up for a long train ride. It seems like there are a few long term renters here who probably avoid the crazy rent in moscow by […]

Russian Stareport

One of the best parts of traveling is the altered state of consciousness that results from time spent in places you don’t understand, haven’t slept in, and can’t breathe the air from. This photo captures that special sleep deprived snowy airport feeling you get after experiencing what can only be described as the most olfactorily challenging air flights of all time.