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Mexicans in Leather - what more can you ask from the Wild West of TAOS New Mexico

The land of enchantment !! New Mexico is the cool of the old skool and the wild west for hippes and hardcore bikers.  Best way to travel into new mexico is from colorado – the drive itself is an experience  – as you escape the mountains of the rockies you enter literally the dessert sun within a blink of an eye (or five hour drive from Boulder, CO.  but it feels […]

a safe house on thaniya road (bangkok)

“A safe house, in the jargon of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is a secure location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived to be in danger…” “…and a place where people may go to avoid prosecution of their activities by authorities”   (thanks very much wikipedia) Let’s look at the latter description, because System is a reggae pool bar where the working girls on Thaniya Road go […]

a bangkok bar since 1969

Old bars are awesome.  Old bars that serve good food are also awesome.  And old bars that served GIs during the Vietnam War (and was/is allegedly the meeting spot for CIA operatives) probably fall into the category known as badass. What’s definitely badass is their “larb pizza”.  It’s basically what one would consider a fusion dish, but this thing actually works.  Larb is a Laotian minced meat salad, also commonly […]

japanized in bangkok

For all those into indigenous fabrics/culture/fashion, check out the TrapsWANA store at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.  Owned/designed/curated by a team of Japanese folks, this shop has become the reason why I would actually make my way through ridiculous Thailand heat on a Saturday/Sunday while suffering from a hangover just to sit at the open air shop to sweat my ass off while drinking $1 Leo Beer listening to awesome electronic/hiphop/world […]

since 1853 in nevada

They say there’s Las Vegas, and then there’s Nevada.  Well, and then there’s this old saloon in Genoa, Nevada, a town founded in 1850.  Naturally 3 years after the town was founded, this bar (originally called a “gentleman’s saloon”) was built. To all the hipsters out there – this is the real thing, with a real history (since 1853), and with a population of 949 (US census 2010).  Don’t order vodka.  Don’t […]

old school 酒 in nyc

There are plenty of 酒/sake spots in nyc.  But Decibel (see photo) might very well be my favorite, as they have been serving us in the east village since 1993.  That gives it old school status, and that’s all good for me. http://sakebardecibel.com/ Segue into some of the newer sake spots in other neighborhoods: – LES /Sake Bar Dodompa (http://izakayadodompa.com/) –> I was there most recently in January 2013 and it happened to be the […]

giant snakehead in bangkok

So in the US, these things are considered an “invasive species” because they destroy the ecosystem by eating everything they swim into.  Or walk into because they can actually survive on land for up to 3 days and have been known to eat rats.  Anyways, in Thailand there are snakehead ponds where you can fish them for fun…and boy is it fun. These fishing ponds actually throw all kinds of exotic/local/fun fish […]

the crisp in oakland

Being an east coast guy (Brooklyn to be exact) and spending time in California (the Bay Area to be exact) has been a rather trying experience.  The people are different.  The way the people interact is different.  The bums are aggressive and not very creative.  The business hours are different.  The subway seat configuration is different.  For the most part i am left mumbling to myself asking “why?” a whole lot. But one of the few things […]

Gambia border crossings

if anyone is taking a cab (sept-place) into gambia, be advised that any strange pills without a doctors note (like tylenol pm) will more than likely lead to you sitting in a concrete room on the side of the road while the guys in this picture go from really friendly to really excited about the cash you’re about to dish out to get out of said concrete room. also lost […]

colonial style in thailand

For those that didn’t know, Thailand was never colonized.  This can be good and bad.  Good for obvious reasons, similar to the sense of pride one might feel from being able to tell your kids that daddy was never bullied in school.  (Thanks white folks, for robbing most Asian nations of this awesome feeling).  But not ever being under colonial rule can be unfortunate in other ways.  Like not having an […]