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Bowling, Beer, Brooklyn, and a Bartender-philosopher

Melody Lanes. You have to get buzzed in, a loud speaker periodically squawks names for open lanes at ear piercing volume and nothing on the snack menu costs more than $5.25. With that chaos on all sides, a no frills bar with this guy sits in the middle. He’s a damn good reason to go see this place alone. During our two hour, saturday night jack daniels and bud light […]

a bangkok bar since 1969

Old bars are awesome.  Old bars that serve good food are also awesome.  And old bars that served GIs during the Vietnam War (and was/is allegedly the meeting spot for CIA operatives) probably fall into the category known as badass. What’s definitely badass is their “larb pizza”.  It’s basically what one would consider a fusion dish, but this thing actually works.  Larb is a Laotian minced meat salad, also commonly […]

old school 酒 in nyc

There are plenty of 酒/sake spots in nyc.  But Decibel (see photo) might very well be my favorite, as they have been serving us in the east village since 1993.  That gives it old school status, and that’s all good for me. http://sakebardecibel.com/ Segue into some of the newer sake spots in other neighborhoods: – LES /Sake Bar Dodompa (http://izakayadodompa.com/) –> I was there most recently in January 2013 and it happened to be the […]