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Midtown Korean lunch deli/alternate blade runner universe, 2nd floor

The first floor of the Everyday Gourmet Deli on 40th and 3rd ave has typical midtown fare, massive hot and cold buffet selection, sandwich, pizza, and Korean/Japanese stations. The latter actually does serve up some delicious udon/ramen and don/bibimbop dishes and the boys working it fry/boil/stir everything on the spot. The interesting/odd thing about this spot is the second floor eating area. It’s massive and not well lit, with low […]

Getting a russian federation visa in nyc

i’m always amazed at how many people lose their shit in the visa office. While the main job of any visa consulate is to give you a bright shiny new sticker or stamp for your passport, i’m pretty sure the real reason is to subject you to a cultural crash test. you pass the test, you get to go somewhere new. if you don’t, you end up looking like an […]

Cantonese on Allen

Chinese but specifying on mostly cantonese food . The best after a night on the town in the lower east side . Ambiance brings a new appetite and the urge to try different specialties like frog legs !! mmmmmm !

old school 酒 in nyc

There are plenty of 酒/sake spots in nyc.  But Decibel (see photo) might very well be my favorite, as they have been serving us in the east village since 1993.  That gives it old school status, and that’s all good for me. http://sakebardecibel.com/ Segue into some of the newer sake spots in other neighborhoods: – LES /Sake Bar Dodompa (http://izakayadodompa.com/) –> I was there most recently in January 2013 and it happened to be the […]

Best pho in NYC chinatown

10 years of what started as a salt and pepper squid addiction eventually settled into a what might be a lifetime pho habit. i’m not saying i’ve tried every joint in NYC chinatown, but these 3 places have been on constant rotation for over a decade. and yes, i know west coast pho is amazing. and yes, i’ve been to vietnam. and no i’m not comparing anything to anything. these […]