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Djembe in Saint-Louis, Senegal

I got a chance to hang out with these guys a few years ago when I was traveling in Senegal. They are the djembe/dance group Lamp Fall and they perform all over the country, but can be found practicing almost everyday at Le Quai des Arts in Saint-Louis. Just listen for the sounds in the late morning or late afternoon. The lead player, Ibu, gives great djembe lessons if you’re […]

japanized in bangkok

For all those into indigenous fabrics/culture/fashion, check out the TrapsWANA store at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.  Owned/designed/curated by a team of Japanese folks, this shop has become the reason why I would actually make my way through ridiculous Thailand heat on a Saturday/Sunday while suffering from a hangover just to sit at the open air shop to sweat my ass off while drinking $1 Leo Beer listening to awesome electronic/hiphop/world […]