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Where the beach meets the mountain

Now if your checklist for a trip includes mountains, beach, camping, scenic views, wombats, kangaroos, beautiful parrots, trekking, the ultimate walks of nature and wildlife all in one than Mt Williams National park is the place that you want to venture if you happen to be doing walkabouts in the east of Tasmania. There are three campsites in this national park – the best and most secluded campsite is top […]

Mexicans in Leather - what more can you ask from the Wild West of TAOS New Mexico

The land of enchantment !! New Mexico is the cool of the old skool and the wild west for hippes and hardcore bikers.  Best way to travel into new mexico is from colorado – the drive itself is an experience  – as you escape the mountains of the rockies you enter literally the dessert sun within a blink of an eye (or five hour drive from Boulder, CO.  but it feels […]

From concrete jungle to moving mountains - Masthope The Mountain Community

The crisp air oasis is  a few hours drive away from the city  in Masthope , PA. Beware : Wifi / 24 Delis / Cell phone service do not exist here. Come prepared . Enjoy : Breathtaking Views / Good Food / Privacy / Escape from the city monsters that lurk in the midst. This is perfect for a long weekend / especially with a group of people  (make sure […]