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5 days in the Gobi Desert

If anyone was wondering what the southern and mid gobi desert looked and sounded like, check out the vid.

the 5th door on the white building to the left...

Hidden/unmarked bars and restaurants are ubiquitous in some of the major cities of the world.  A lot of them are gimmicks, of course.  But not this one in Ulan Bator (UB).  Because Mongolia is real. Yori Michi is a Japanese izakaya located in the white building on the left inside the alley at the corner of where the Khongor Guesthouse sits on Peace Avenue.  The menu is not very extensive […]


A window view from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar by train

One of the longest train rides around, and made famous by paul theroux in The Great Railway Bazaar. If you’re looking for a chance to drop off the grid, get to know a few like minded travelers and do a lot of napping/reading, this train is it.