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cali. mex. old. school. heaven.

  i’m just going to label this sf-cali-eastbay-mex style goodness because there are so many types of mexican food in the US now that trying to debate one over the other reduces me to tears (of hunger). also, i don’t know why you would end up in hayward, although it is 3rd to last stop on the east bay BART fremont line, so maybe you passed out on the way […]

Torta heaven in sunset park

if you’re vegetarian, vegan, on a diet, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or planning on doing anything with the rest of your afternoon that might involve more than drooling through a nap, you may want to skip this place.  but if you’re gonna nap anyway and you’re in sunset park you might as well hit up Puebla Mini Marktet, a mexican sandwich paradise. for 8-9 bucks you can order […]