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the 5th door on the white building to the left...

Hidden/unmarked bars and restaurants are ubiquitous in some of the major cities of the world.  A lot of them are gimmicks, of course.  But not this one in Ulan Bator (UB).  Because Mongolia is real. Yori Michi is a Japanese izakaya located in the white building on the left inside the alley at the corner of where the Khongor Guesthouse sits on Peace Avenue.  The menu is not very extensive […]

a safe house on thaniya road (bangkok)

“A safe house, in the jargon of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is a secure location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived to be in danger…” “…and a place where people may go to avoid prosecution of their activities by authorities”   (thanks very much wikipedia) Let’s look at the latter description, because System is a reggae pool bar where the working girls on Thaniya Road go […]