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brotherly lovin' in philly

When I think of Philadelphia it’s usually Rocky Balboa, a cheesesteak sandwich, or the Phillies – depending on the mood I am in.  What can I tell you, I’m a fan of movies, food and the Mets.  So what did I do differently this time?  I went to prison.  The Eastern State Penitentiary, to be exact – a hauntingly beautiful Gothic style prison with a fascinating history during its operation […]

the 5th door on the white building to the left...

Hidden/unmarked bars and restaurants are ubiquitous in some of the major cities of the world.  A lot of them are gimmicks, of course.  But not this one in Ulan Bator (UB).  Because Mongolia is real. Yori Michi is a Japanese izakaya located in the white building on the left inside the alley at the corner of where the Khongor Guesthouse sits on Peace Avenue.  The menu is not very extensive […]

Mexicans in Leather - what more can you ask from the Wild West of TAOS New Mexico

The land of enchantment !! New Mexico is the cool of the old skool and the wild west for hippes and hardcore bikers.  Best way to travel into new mexico is from colorado – the drive itself is an experience  – as you escape the mountains of the rockies you enter literally the dessert sun within a blink of an eye (or five hour drive from Boulder, CO.  but it feels […]

cali. mex. old. school. heaven.

  i’m just going to label this sf-cali-eastbay-mex style goodness because there are so many types of mexican food in the US now that trying to debate one over the other reduces me to tears (of hunger). also, i don’t know why you would end up in hayward, although it is 3rd to last stop on the east bay BART fremont line, so maybe you passed out on the way […]

Taing Yin Thar: Yangon eats

when you’re travelling you’re probably eating tons of street food, but sometimes its good to mix it up and sit down for a “real” meal (that’ll be less reliant on heavy grease, salt, and sugar to sell to the least-common-denominator customer). taing yin thar specializes in “national cuisine,” so their big menu represents all the different ethnic groups/foods of myanmar (well, maybe not so much rohingya food going on). anyway, […]

Torta heaven in sunset park

if you’re vegetarian, vegan, on a diet, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or planning on doing anything with the rest of your afternoon that might involve more than drooling through a nap, you may want to skip this place.  but if you’re gonna nap anyway and you’re in sunset park you might as well hit up Puebla Mini Marktet, a mexican sandwich paradise. for 8-9 bucks you can order […]

alidoro sandwich shop in soho. so. so. good.

this place is pricey, slow, small, and doesn’t give a shit if you like mustard. cause it’s not happening. they have white, wheat, sfilatino or tramezzino, focacciaa and semolina bread. And they frequently run out of those. They have a menu on their site here.  The sandwiches are big, extremely fresh and delicious. alidoro nyc: 105 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012

Jaffna food in Colombo

I didn’t know til I got to Sri Lanka that Jaffna had its own unique Tamil-yet-not-quite-Indian cuisine. The Tamil neighborhood of Colombo, Wellawatte, is the place to go. Right across from the Wellawatte beach (worth a visit for the urban beach scene) is Yaal. Tamil/Indian flavors mixed with standard Sri Lankan items (hoppers and the like). Tamil food = Hindus = vegetarians are psyched, lots of animal-free options. We ate here […]

portuguese in macau

No longer exclusively an awesomely seedy triad party town, Macau has put itself in the running for overtaking Las Vegas as the gambling destination of the world; at least in terms of revenue. Macau is loosely separated into two parts – Macau is part of the mainland and then there is Taipa/Cotai/Coloane on the island to the south connected by bridges.  It’s the new frontier in Macau for Chinese and […]

the crisp in oakland

Being an east coast guy (Brooklyn to be exact) and spending time in California (the Bay Area to be exact) has been a rather trying experience.  The people are different.  The way the people interact is different.  The bums are aggressive and not very creative.  The business hours are different.  The subway seat configuration is different.  For the most part i am left mumbling to myself asking “why?” a whole lot. But one of the few things […]