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Bandung Distro Gear

Old news if you’re in Indonesia, but new to most everyone else on the planet: Bandung is one of the coolest cities in the archipelago. Huge music + art + design scene fueled by the endless stream of kids attending the sixteen+ universities in the city; one area that’s really taken off is boutique fashion design labels (known as “distro”). Heavily showing 90’s skateboard-indie-punk-graphic design-roots, dozens of stores sell their […]

japanized in bangkok

For all those into indigenous fabrics/culture/fashion, check out the TrapsWANA store at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.  Owned/designed/curated by a team of Japanese folks, this shop has become the reason why I would actually make my way through ridiculous Thailand heat on a Saturday/Sunday while suffering from a hangover just to sit at the open air shop to sweat my ass off while drinking $1 Leo Beer listening to awesome electronic/hiphop/world […]