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Djembe in Saint-Louis, Senegal

I got a chance to hang out with these guys a few years ago when I was traveling in Senegal. They are the djembe/dance group Lamp Fall and they perform all over the country, but can be found practicing almost everyday at Le Quai des Arts in Saint-Louis. Just listen for the sounds in the late morning or late afternoon. The lead player, Ibu, gives great djembe lessons if you’re […]

Gambia border crossings

if anyone is taking a cab (sept-place) into gambia, be advised that any strange pills without a doctors note (like tylenol pm) will more than likely lead to you sitting in a concrete room on the side of the road while the guys in this picture go from really friendly to really excited about the cash you’re about to dish out to get out of said concrete room. also lost […]