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Bowling, Beer, Brooklyn, and a Bartender-philosopher

Melody Lanes. You have to get buzzed in, a loud speaker periodically squawks names for open lanes at ear piercing volume and nothing on the snack menu costs more than $5.25. With that chaos on all sides, a no frills bar with this guy sits in the middle. He’s a damn good reason to go see this place alone. During our two hour, saturday night jack daniels and bud light […]

peruvian roasted chicken, sunset park style

i go to this sunset park staple for the roasted chicken and tostones. at full speed they usually have 15-20 chickens roasting away and you can order that half or whole with a side (habichuelas, arroz, maduros, etc).  i’ve noticed a lot of people eating the ceviche and lomo, and they do a pretty decent large serving of chaufa, peruvian fried rice, which i can say is filling. prices are […]

Torta heaven in sunset park

if you’re vegetarian, vegan, on a diet, suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or planning on doing anything with the rest of your afternoon that might involve more than drooling through a nap, you may want to skip this place.  but if you’re gonna nap anyway and you’re in sunset park you might as well hit up Puebla Mini Marktet, a mexican sandwich paradise. for 8-9 bucks you can order […]

mad beers in brooklyn

This spot probably qualifies as heaven for beer lovers.  There are some 380+ beers for your loving from all over the world…and Eagle Provisions is the name. I’m not necessarily a beer lover, but I can respect the sheer quantity/selection.  Check it. 628 5th Avenue (between 17th and 18th street)