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escape from bangkok --> koh samet

One way or another, Bangkok will wear you down.  Ohhh yes it will.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it because you’re having too much fun.  That can be dangerous, for many reasons.  But that’s probably another article for another day. So if you’re in Bangkok and you feel the need for some beach time, the closest official beach is some 200km to the southeast in Rayong Province.  By official i […]

el nido. off the grid in palawan, philippines.

Great little town located at the very northern point of Palawan island. Not much to do here, which is kind of the point. i spent most of my time there watching boxing with the guy who owned the room i was staying in. there were some beautiful fancy resorts on various islands nearby if you’re into that. the town itself is pretty basic with some really tasty street meat and […]

this thai beach

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting old(er).  That means the natural beauty of the world around me is getting a beat down too.  Thailand is no exception, and quite frequently I find myself amazed at the race for shortsighted profits at the expense of Mother Nature.  But hey, it makes for an awesome vacation. Nevertheless, there are still some pristine spots that remain.  It’s important to preserve the beauty of these […]