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Cafe Central in Oaxaca, Mexico

  Some five years ago, I got drunk with the owner of this site in Matatlan, a pueblo that declares itself the birthplace of mezcal. Upon returning to the capital we followed a skinny and wild Italian to a place called Cafe Central. The band Cumbia Queers had just finished up and the DJ had taken over. The song playing was on the techno end of things and I was tired, […]

a safe house on thaniya road (bangkok)

“A safe house, in the jargon of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is a secure location, suitable for hiding witnesses, agents or other persons perceived to be in danger…” “…and a place where people may go to avoid prosecution of their activities by authorities”   (thanks very much wikipedia) Let’s look at the latter description, because System is a reggae pool bar where the working girls on Thaniya Road go […]

a bangkok bar since 1969

Old bars are awesome.  Old bars that serve good food are also awesome.  And old bars that served GIs during the Vietnam War (and was/is allegedly the meeting spot for CIA operatives) probably fall into the category known as badass. What’s definitely badass is their “larb pizza”.  It’s basically what one would consider a fusion dish, but this thing actually works.  Larb is a Laotian minced meat salad, also commonly […]

since 1853 in nevada

They say there’s Las Vegas, and then there’s Nevada.  Well, and then there’s this old saloon in Genoa, Nevada, a town founded in 1850.  Naturally 3 years after the town was founded, this bar (originally called a “gentleman’s saloon”) was built. To all the hipsters out there – this is the real thing, with a real history (since 1853), and with a population of 949 (US census 2010).  Don’t order vodka.  Don’t […]