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Nepal, trekking in the Himalayas; Langtang

Depending on the time you have there are many excellent treks to choose from in Nepal. All from 3 days till one month if you like. Starting point from Pokhara od Kathmandu. For years Langtang was a popular trek , but lately more people are intersted in Mount Everest bascamp or top. Langtang offers you changing of landskape. Small villages, and breathtaking views of the snowcapt Himalayan mountains. Everyday you […]

Gambia border crossings

if anyone is taking a cab (sept-place) into gambia, be advised that any strange pills without a doctors note (like tylenol pm) will more than likely lead to you sitting in a concrete room on the side of the road while the guys in this picture go from really friendly to really excited about the cash you’re about to dish out to get out of said concrete room. also lost […]

Sailing to Colombia

Remember that scene in Romancing the Stone where Michael Douglas says, “Cartagena? Angel, you are hell and gone from Cartagena”? You probably said to yourself “I want to walk around Colombia with a bad outfit and a machete saying things like that.”  Well don’t, because that wouldn’t end well, but you can do the second best thing and keep the dream alive by sailing to Cartagena on a private sailboat.  […]