peace, quiet and moais


You’ve probably heard stories and seen the memorable stone sculptures. Yes, 1289 miles from the closest inhabited island and 2100 miles from Chile reside the famous Moais.  But what you probably didn’t notice is that Easter Island, aka Rapa Nui, aka Isla de Pasqua is part of Chile.

That being said, Spanish is the official language of the island and the cheapest food one can find is of course…the empanada.  Since the island is a 6 hour flight from Chile and there isn’t that much in terms of local resources, everything is an import.  It is no joke when I say the cheapest meal you will find is a hamburger, a hot dog, a sandwich, or an empanada.  All of which are rather tasty of course (and extra large, Polynesian style), but I admit I did have expectations to eat a grilled variation of the infamous rat that allegedly contributed to the demise of the original inhabitants.

The terrain and isolation of the island is as advertised, and visitors should take note that there are only a handful of beaches that are safe for frolicking.  The rest of the coastline is rocky lava rock.  Driving from one end of the island (south) to the other (north) takes about 30 minutes, so your search  won’t take long.

Atanu Tekena serves as the island’s “main street” of sorts, with the intersection of Tuu Maheke and Policarpo Toro being the equivalent of the island’s financial district.  Yes, go ahead and try to remember those street names.  Or just remember it as the waterfront intersection where the rocky beach, the football field, and the fishing boats all converge.

There are numerous hotels on the island of course, but the quirky hospitality of Inaki Uhi was a memorable one.  The owner is a fun loving gentleman who seems to know everyone, and whose bloodline makes him a true Rapa Nui local.  To share a drink and a story with him can easily make it an entertaining evening.  The Inaki Uhi’s prime location along Atanu Tekena also makes it a convenient pick.  Highly recommended.


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