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I first met Baba Ji 7-8 years ago, on the banks of the ganges in varanasi. as with most everything on the road, when you look back on events, you can see happenstance everywhere. I[...]

The road to Damascus

I mostly just travel for work now which means a) I don't get to choose where to travel and b) a lot of the places I go suck. But there's always something good to see or do and, som[...]

Comrade hostel, Moscow

The place was being renovated at the time of writing, but the vibe was good and it's centrally located by red square with lots of places to get food and drink. And a couple of grea[...]

Cafe Central in Oaxaca, Mexico

  Some five years ago, I got drunk with the owner of this site in Matatlan, a pueblo that declares itself the birthplace of mezcal. Upon returning to the capital we followed [...]

dont be a douchebag

yes, traveling is inspiring. yes, the zócalo in oaxaca can get your inner OMMMM going (who doesn't like chilling in a 500 year old plaza).  and we all agree that being fit is a goo[...]