old school 酒 in nyc


There are plenty of 酒/sake spots in nyc.  But Decibel (see photo) might very well be my favorite, as they have been serving us in the east village since 1993.  That gives it old school status, and that’s all good for me.


Segue into some of the newer sake spots in other neighborhoods:

– LES /Sake Bar Dodompa (http://izakayadodompa.com/) –> I was there most recently in January 2013 and it happened to be the bartender’s bday (they were playing old school soul/hip hop hotness) – so the spot was filled with resident Japanese folks decked in their Amekaji and hip hop gear.  It was like being in Japan for a minute.  Incidentally, we were the only non-Japanese people at the bar (I’m half, so that gave us some street cred up in there).  Sake list is not as extensive as Decibel, but they do have a good lineup of izakaya (tapas) dishes.  And did I mention the music?  Good real old school hip hop.

– Tribeca / B-Flat (http://www.bflat.info/index.html) –> It’s more of a fusion jazzy sake bar than a spot with an extensive sake list.  Hell, the food is not even all that Japaneasy.  Is that a word?  But Japanese staff making the drinks mean they pay attention to detail.

– Tribeca / Shigure –> This is a rather new spot.  It’s at the street level above B-Flat so you can treat both spots as one – with this one being newer and more casual than B-Flat.

But really, with a bathroom containing that much history on its walls…much respect to Decibel.


  1. April 17, 2013  15:23 by thetripdaddy

    Cool tip for travelers trippin' to the Big Apple. I'l incorporate the tip while building the New York section I am currently developing.

  2. April 17, 2013  21:45 by buzzthrill

    if you want to go all out, start with some drinks at angel share, then get some cheap eats at village yokocho and then hit decibel. all on the same block.

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