Midtown Korean lunch deli/alternate blade runner universe, 2nd floor


The first floor of the Everyday Gourmet Deli on 40th and 3rd ave has typical midtown fare, massive hot and cold buffet selection, sandwich, pizza, and Korean/Japanese stations. The latter actually does serve up some delicious udon/ramen and don/bibimbop dishes and the boys working it fry/boil/stir everything on the spot.

The interesting/odd thing about this spot is the second floor eating area. It’s massive and not well lit, with low ceilings (atleast they seem low), 3 or 4 tv’s no one is watching, a karaoke elevated dance floor that no one uses and two or three “conference” rooms that everyone just uses as extra eating space. Although they could be covert meetings that just look like random people eating lunch. When I need a half hour to recharge before an afternoon full of meetings I come to the Korean deli alternate surreal universe, 2nd floor. In the dimly lit surrounding I hear mainland chinese yelling at eachother in Cantonese (well, always sounds like an argument), African businessmen discussing something important in some dialect (the 4 words I know in Wolof never come up, so I’m guessing not from Senegal?) A guy with a heavy Bronx accent trying to sell health nutrients to a very skeptical, argumentative and loud potential costumer. Occasional large families of Hispanics and south Asians congregate here and take over a corner. But by far the best part of this wonderland is the bar along one wall. Seems like it’s always open, never busy and has a small but dedicated group of regulars. I may make this my after work drink spot because if the night crowd gets even better with the people watching than the day crowd, I may do a photo essay, at the very least, if the raised dance floor becomes a thing, someone has to document that.

So to sum it up, I come here to feel like i’m in blade runner, or some dystopian metropolis in the near/now future in sub saharan africa, or cambodia. It’s my lunchtime mini fantasy travel/lunch location.


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