From concrete jungle to moving mountains – Masthope The Mountain Community


The crisp air oasis is  a few hours drive away from the city  in Masthope , PA.

Beware : Wifi / 24 Delis / Cell phone service do not exist here. Come prepared .
Enjoy : Breathtaking Views / Good Food / Privacy / Escape from the city monsters that lurk in the midst.

This is perfect for a long weekend / especially with a group of people  (make sure someone knows how to cook , and everyone has a good sense of humor)

Mountain time is different from island time – Prep is key in the mountains. If you decide to take a trip up here come prepared – bring all the necessities as if you were going camping.

Enjoy the local ice cream shop / friendly neighbors / and easy going trails . This is a small community i believe there are more deers then humans here.

We rented a house for the weekend that could easily fit 8 people comfortably but  could occupy up to 12.

Bring the board games and outdoor attitude (all the skiing, hiking, fishing galore is available )  – or go to the supermarket and stock up on food and wine /beers like we did !!!


EIther way this is a great way to escape the city and enjoy the east  without bending the wallet.


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  1. May 7, 2013  11:44 by buzzthrill

    there's a great place to stay up there called Sylvania Tree Farm. it's a a twelve hundred acre private estate that has 7-8 cabins ranging from a great little affordable loft with fireplace to 4-5 bdrm places that overlook the river. in the summer they have camping too... really nice owners.

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