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One way or another, Bangkok will wear you down.  Ohhh yes it will.  Sometimes you don’t even realize it because you’re having too much fun.  That can be dangerous, for many reasons.  But that’s probably another article for another day.

So if you’re in Bangkok and you feel the need for some beach time, the closest official beach is some 200km to the southeast in Rayong Province.  By official i mean NOT Pattaya – because that’s just trouble.  Trust me.  But Pattaya is a mere 60km from Rayong City, so if you feel the need for some action/trouble you’re not too far off.

Nuanthip Pier is your jump off point, and it’s located at Ban Phe, which is about 15-20 minutes by car from Rayong City.  With extra time, one can visit the fresh food and fruit market in Rayong City – along with the Star Night Market.  And for all you seafood fans, there’s the always reliable Laem Charoen seafood restaurant.

The boat ride from Nuanthip Pier is about 15 minutes, and costs about 300 baht roundtrip.  Once on the island, you have a couple of beach options but Saikaew Beach might be the most popular.  Wherever you’re at though, try the grilled yard bird on the beach. This is no hipster gimmick.  It’s a real man hauling a portable grill and somtum station on his back roaming the beach for your convenience.

And if you really feel compelled for some fun/entertainment while on the island…try Silver Sands.  Or the 150 baht per hit laughing gas at the various bars scattered about.  But aren’t we on the island to get away from trouble?




  1. April 13, 2013  14:48 by eliziebetiano

    I can totally vouch for this area and awesome escape from the craziness of bangkok.
    Hotels are seriously footsteps from this island haven all along the shore.
    Range from Resorts to bungalows at decent prices. One side of the beach you can get great scenic views and play pool while listening to old school otis redding to the beach boys. There are also cute shops and locals selling sarongs / beach mats and jewelry. During the day they also offer massages right on this sandy shore. Thai / Foot / Oil / Back & Shoulder are some of multitude of options - and these thai ladies are the sweetest of the sweet . Once the sun goes down go towards the opposite direction of the shore; Ko Samet offers a variety of lounges and spots to go to that provides an ecclectic crowd . This little piece of heaven embraces the island lifestyle with a hint of urbanesque vibes. Hope you guys get to enjoy, I surely did

  2. April 13, 2013  17:11 by eliziebetiano

    Hhahahahh I watched the video yesterday with ramon and tamir ! Was fun - I wanted a do-over

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