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Midtown Korean lunch deli/alternate blade runner universe, 2nd floor

The first floor of the Everyday Gourmet Deli on 40th and 3rd ave has typical midtown fare, massive hot and cold buffet selection, sandwich, pizza, and Korean/Japanese stations. The latter actually does serve up some delicious udon/ramen and don/bibimbop dishes and the boys working it fry/boil/stir everything on the spot. The interesting/odd thing about this spot is the second floor eating area. It’s massive and not well lit, with low […]

Getting a russian federation visa in nyc

i’m always amazed at how many people lose their shit in the visa office. While the main job of any visa consulate is to give you a bright shiny new sticker or stamp for your passport, i’m pretty sure the real reason is to subject you to a cultural crash test. you pass the test, you get to go somewhere new. if you don’t, you end up looking like an […]



I first met Baba Ji 7-8 years ago, on the banks of the ganges in varanasi. as with most everything on the road, when you look back on events, you can see happenstance everywhere. I had just gotten off the plane at the old school varanasi airport and agreed to share a cab with two ladies who had just met up for the same reason. as we all crammed into […]

dont be a douchebag

yes, traveling is inspiring. yes, the zócalo in oaxaca can get your inner OMMMM going (who doesn’t like chilling in a 500 year old plaza).  and we all agree that being fit is a good thing. maybe you even like yoga. why this guy felt the need to strip down to shorts and do yoga poses in front of an ancient church kind of boggles my mind, though. and probably pissed […]

Pier 62 - NYC Skating on the Hudson

There’s a little street course in Tribeca and a big one under the Manhattan Bridge, but for my money this riverside concrete monster is the gem of the bunch. A pool, a nice stairs/rail combo, a scary vert wall or two, and just a shit-ton of great surfaces to skate. All ages and skill levels, but if you’re out of practice and embarrassed about falling on your ass, get there […]


road trippin in the northwest

i live in nyc. and like gill scott said, before he died “the doctor’s didn’t know it, but New York was killing me”.  granted, there are a number of ways you can stop New York from killing you. and i’m just throwing this out there as an option, not the best option, but certainly not the worst. rent a car, go with friends, go with loved ones, take your kids, […]

Bandung Distro Gear

Old news if you’re in Indonesia, but new to most everyone else on the planet: Bandung is one of the coolest cities in the archipelago. Huge music + art + design scene fueled by the endless stream of kids attending the sixteen+ universities in the city; one area that’s really taken off is boutique fashion design labels (known as “distro”). Heavily showing 90’s skateboard-indie-punk-graphic design-roots, dozens of stores sell their […]

japanized in bangkok

For all those into indigenous fabrics/culture/fashion, check out the TrapsWANA store at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok.  Owned/designed/curated by a team of Japanese folks, this shop has become the reason why I would actually make my way through ridiculous Thailand heat on a Saturday/Sunday while suffering from a hangover just to sit at the open air shop to sweat my ass off while drinking $1 Leo Beer listening to awesome electronic/hiphop/world […]