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peace, quiet and moais

You've probably heard stories and seen the memorable stone sculptures. Yes, 1289 miles from the closest inhabited island and 2100 miles from Chile reside the famous Moais.  But wha[...]

Tinker Tailor

In May of 2013 my wife was finishing her artist residency in Slovakia and we decided to take a short trip to Budapest. The train from Košice left very early in the morning, so whe[...]

Fire on the Mountain

Wildfire is part of daily life in the American West.  An average of about 50,000 fires burn in the wilderness each year, from a single burning bush to massive infernos ravaging hun[...]

Peace in Ronda

The Puente Nuevo (the New Bridge) is undoubtedly the most impressive feature of this small sleepy town in Malaga Province, Spain.  It's approximately 2.5 hours by train (RENFE) fro[...]

brotherly lovin' in philly

When I think of Philadelphia it's usually Rocky Balboa, a cheesesteak sandwich, or the Phillies - depending on the mood I am in.  What can I tell you, I'm a fan of movies, food and[...]